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“Some play the stock market, the Millers play the pointspread. Same theories they say. Better rewards.”



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“We sought out a few pointers from the Millers who make a living sports betting.”


The New York Times

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“The Millers are a small percentage who have made a career out of gambling…earning all of their income from gambling.”

Pittsburgh City Paper

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“To dissect the Super Bowl, City Paper consulted Mr. Miller, a veteran gambler who runs the website”

The Tennessean

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The Millers make a living helping others beat the system. They established Professional in 1997.”




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If you're a full-time sports bettor or successful part-timer you can profit instantly from this site, OR if you're a recreational bettor or beginner we can cut years from your learning time & help you earn while you learn...Here's how:

HERE'S WHAT WE OFFER: First, notice we allow no banner ads from sports books on this site. We do not participate in bettors' losses nor are we financially tied to any sports book. Our only income is from helping you win.

JV Miller is recognized as one of the world’s top sports handicappers.  JV is featured regularly as a handicapping expert on television, radio, podcasts, and speaks at seminars and educational institutions around the world.  Send JV an email!

You can profit right away from the articles here, even if you're already a seasoned pro! These articles promise ways to boost your profits, starting today. If you're a part-time bettor these articles might be the most profitable reading you've done in years. In many ways they define the difference between real pros and the countless phonies that stalk the Internet. The experts here are among the most respected in the business.




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PLEASE DON'T CONFUSE US WITH A TOUT SERVICE!   If you are looking for 70%-80% winners you're in the wrong place. Experts here are genuine pros. If you're not sure of the difference between real pros and phonies, please read the articles here. We do NOT tele-market. We do NOT reveal customers' identities to anyone for any reason. Your privacy is important to us. We do NOT have 'step-up' prices, or 'inner circles'.

OUR CREDENTIALS: JV Miller is the man in charge of this website. The Miller family has been featured in the NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, on MSNBC, FOX SPORTS, SKY SPORTS, PBS, A&E and many others. Our book How Professional Gamblers Beat the Pro Football Pointspread by J. R. Miller is the best-selling book of its kind and the only sports betting book recommended to libraries as "core reading material" by Jack Short, past president, American Library Trustee Association. We were named by the DAILY SPREAD as "the best all-'round sports handicapper on the planet," and selected to Las Vegas' WALL OF FAME for our contributions to sports betting knowledge. Miller has been featured on radio & television, in newspapers & magazines. His credentials and references are further detailed at our page Testimonials page.


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Top 10 Ways to Lose Against Sports
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What We’re About
“What’s your record?”
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Why I Succeed At Sports Betting…
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How-To & Help Articles





Could YOU Be a Professional Gambler?

As sports betting becomes more mainstream, so are those who do it professionally.



 Sports Betting Money Management 

In sports betting, your bankroll is your inventory. If you run out of money, you are out of business.



Winning Percentage of Professional Gamblers
For once and for all, the winning percentage of professional sports gamblers when laying eleven to win ten is…



 Sports Betting as a Business

If you’ve got what it takes, it’s the best job in the world



Track Our Picks!
Win or lose, you can watch our daily record!



Binomial Distribution & You
Gonna use a "1-star, 2-star, 3-star" betting system? Or the "Kelly criterion?" Don't give up your day job.



 NBA = $$$

The NBA has more than FIVE times as many betting opportunities as the NFL...You do the math!



Handicapping...Begin with common sense  
Biorhythms, astrology, numerology and what happened years ago, my butt.



Sonny Reizner

Something J.R. Learned from Sonny Reizner 

Las Vegas'  premier sportbook manager tells how the "house" can lay 75 to win 100! - By J. R. Miller



Parlays & Profit

Ever notice, sportbooks don't promote parlays??? Why is that?



A Very Important Thing to Know  
Much like investing in stocks, you can't expect to make money every day at sports betting. Here's what you can expect.



A Good Handicapper...Bankrupt  
It's not enough to pick winners...Here's a sad story



How to Spot Winning Bettors  
Mark Twain said, "It ain't what we know that hurts us; - it's that we know so much that ain't true." Losers know a lot that ain't true.



Test Your Sports Betting I.Q.  
Here are 10 questions that will help reveal if you've reached professional-level status as a sports bettor...(Or, you can test that self-proclaimed expert you've just met!)



R. J. Miller: Why You Should Bet on Sports    
J.R.'s brother, R.J., tells why sports betting is a beatable proposition



Order Page  
Help build your handicapping skills. Learn from the most recognized experts in the business.



Are You Geared to Gamble? 
Make no mistake, gambling is serious business...


Click here to learn about 
Professional Gambler Newsletter

PGN is a staple for every serious sports bettor. 


How to Beat NFL Preseason
There are predictable differences between 'real' games and preseason!



How to Spot Key NFL Pointspreads 
Almost 2/3's of NFL games end with one of only TEN margins of victory



 How to Make Money Betting NFL Football

Spot elusive but profitable scenarios.



Best Way to Gamble

Once you understand how sports betting works, it's obvious you can win. The best way to gamble is…


 Peter Ruchman on Sports Betting

Las Vegas legend and pro sports bettor asks what’s the point?



How to Spot Winning Bettors 
Mark Twain said, "It ain't what we know that hurts us; it's that we know so much that ain't true." Losers know a lot that ain't true.





 Sports Betting Picks, Tips, Strategies, Systems &

Expert Money Management Advice


Money Management in 53 Seconds



  JV Miller on Fox Sports and Others…



 JV Miller Debunks The Kelly Criterion




GAMBLER'S BOOK CLUB - World's largest gambling bookstore. Legendary source for all types of gaming info. Highly & unconditionally recommended. – (Podcasts broadcast live every day from Las Vegas. Credible and knowledgeable.) – Our TRACK US page eliminates the need for us to use a monitoring service. However, we have done business with these guys and found them to be honest and fair. If you’re looking for a monitoring service, they’re a good choice.

 How to Make Money Betting NFL Football

Each sport has its own unique advantages from a handicapping aspect. The NFL is certainly no exception. 



How to Spot Key NFL Pointspreads

 The most meaningful NFL pointspreads to professional-level gamblers are…



A Crash Course in Vigorish - and it's not 4.55% 
Who pays how much when laying 11 to win 10? It ain't what they say.



Moneyline Conversion Chart 
Here's help understanding & interpreting moneylines.



Stories About Gamblers

Gamblers have the best stories. If you stick around long enough, you’ll have a few of your own.



About Betting Systems  
Gonna use a "1-star, 2-star, 3-star" betting system? Or the "Kelly criterion"? Don't give up your day job.



How to Test the Kelly Criterion  
If you think progressive betting schemes can win more than you deserve, buy a round-trip ticket in advance



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A Good Handicapper...Broke
            It's not enough to pick winners...

there’s a lot more to learn.



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 Our References  
We've been here since 1997! Check these endorsements from other pros, industry leaders, and respected magazines & newspapers.


Letters from Gamblers   
Real letters from gamblers throughout the world.



Order Page  
All you need to build your forecasting skill.

All materials are tailored especially for sports bettors.



Top 10 Ways to Lose Against Sports

A tongue-in-cheek guide for all those sports bettors who can't stand having money in their pocket




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