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About this book...
I have never met a professional-level sports bettor who hasn't read the first edition of Education of a Sports Bettor. Most pro gamblers can quote passages from that book, even years after having read it, and there can be no better testament than that to the value of this work. The purpose of writing this review is supposed to be to sell this new and revised and updated 2nd Edition to sports bettors, but that seems entirely unnecessary and redundant. It is as though the gods of sports betting are saying, "Of course, sports bettors will want this book. Just tell them it's available, then get out of the way and tell them where to buy it."

Let's do that for everyone who's familiar with Bob McCune's works. If you're one of those you need no further information to know you want this book. This book is available RIGHT NOW at our Resource Page.All our orders are shipped PRIORITY MAIL, usually the same day. (That's TODAY!) We accept VISA or Master Card, or call us with your personal check during normal business hours, 10:00-4:00 Eastern Time (615-409-6789), or get it at bookstores everywhere, including Gambler's Book Club, or elsewhere on the Internet from Amazon.com.


Bob McCune at home
It is safe to say that nobody in the sports betting industry is more universally respected than Bob McCune. His work has been praised for decades throughout the gaming world, and the original of this book was the most acclaimed of all. Now, in this updated edition, Bob has even topped himself. This edition is better than the original. It's expanded, clarified, more succinct, and guaranteed to make or save you money.

Here are the book's 'stats':
Bob McCune
ISBN  0-9636500-6-8
160 pages, 8.5" x 11"
comb-bound, paper cover

If you're already a successful handicapper, get ready to improve your bottom line immediately and dramatically. If you're a recreational bettor wanting to expand your hobby this work will cut years from your learning time. Expert or beginner, there is no doubt you'll be glad you got this book. The author covers everything it takes to be a successful sports bettor, including sections on how to predict winners in football, basketball and baseball, along with a thorough explanation of successful money management. Includes interviews with successful pro gamblers explaining 'how they do it'.

Check the contents at right. This book is crammed with decades of sports betting knowledge. Be ready to 'unlearn' many of the myths about gambling that are so prevalent. Be ready to take a giant step toward a level of success you might never have thought possible.  

"When things go bad for professional athletes they go back to their teachers. We professional gamblers turn to Bob McCune." 
- Steve Ryzner

Especially important is the section concerning money management. It is shocking how many good handicappers are done in by their lack of proper money management. Bob explains how real pros handle their money, and if you're a beginner you may be surprised by what you learn. 

Section VI deals with handicapping football, both college and pro. Bob explains the different styles of some of the successful handicappers he knows, and exposes some of the common mistakes committed by most non-professionals. This section has been an eye-opener for countless handicappers.

The bottom line is, football, basketball, baseball or handicapping in general, this is without a doubt the best book I ever read on sports betting. Every premise, every conclusion, is backed up with substantiated facts. There is no pie-in-the-sky stuff here. It's all about the real world of professional sports handicapping. Buy it, and get ready to start winning.

- J. R. Miller



The Evolution of a Sports Bettor   1
The Professional Sports Bettor         3
An Indictment            6

This and That            8
It’s a Three-Way Street 10
About the Market                  11
Indecision  14

The Pavlov Syndrome     15
What About Teasers      17
Prepare Before You Execute    19
Paper – Rock - Scissors 20
I Resolve     22
Points In Line    23


The Other Guy            1
The Gambler’s Mythology       2

Some Monkey Business          5
Experiment In Probability           6
Winning and Losing ATS         8
The Spread Myth   10
Can’t Win for Winning        12
Observations            13
Rifle vs. Shotgun       15
Interrogations & Responses         18
Happy New Year    20
The Illusion Sports     21
Sports Betting & the Stock Market 26
The Las Vegas Zoo in the 1980’s     28
Rappin’ With Reizner    29
Patience, My Friend, Patience 33
Cliches & Proverbs      34


The Handicappers  1
Many Ways to Skin a Cat 2
The Diversity of Handicapping 4
The Elusive (ILLusive?) Edge  6
For the Record                     7
Evaluating the Handicappers   9

Hot or Not (?)    11
The Opinionated Handicapper   12
A Player’s Dilemma      14
Why Use a Sports Service?     15
Revelations and Advice  16
Roses Have Thorns 18
Sports Service Marketing      19
New Math       21
The Rating Game   24
Integrity and Rationalizatio  26


Bookie Business   1
My Bleeding Heart 3
Opinion or Fact                    4

Betting the Betting Lines     6
A Line on the Line                 8
My ‘Buy’ Line                     11
Playing the Line  12


Getting Your Money’s Worth    1
Sopping Up the Juice    3
Illustration 5-1  4
3 M’s to Profit – Part 1      6
Illustration 5-2  7
Illustration 5-3  7

3 M’s to Profit – Part 2      8
Illustration 5-4  8
Illustration 5-5  9

Illustration 5-6  9
3 M’s to Profit – Part 3      10
Illustration 5-7  11

Illustration 5-8  11
Illustration 5-9  12
Illustration 5-10 13
Illustration 5-11 13
The Loser…A Short Story 14

      Part 1 – The Loser      14
      Part 2 – The Winner     16


The Mystique of Football      1
The Pro Game            2
Around the Corner 3
Styles in Handicapping Football     4
Season Thus Far, Etc.   6
The Big Double EE 7
The Grand Finale  9


Come Play with Me 1

A Piece of Cake?  2
Factoring the NBA 5
The Deviation Factor    9


April                              1
Odds and Ends ‘Bout Baseball  3
Illustration 8-1  5

The Two-Headed Monster  5
‘Bout Baseball Bettin’  7

Bantering Baseball Banker & Me     9
The Streak Myth   10
Thoughts on Angles and Theories     12
Thinkers and Likers     14
How I Make a Baseball Line        16
Questions for Answers   18



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