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Howard Schwartz heads up GAMBLER'S BOOK CLUB & GAMBLER”S GENERAL STORE at 1550 E. Tropicana Suite #4, between Maryland Parkway and Spencer Avenue. The store's web site is www.gamblersbook.com. Howard is universally recognized as the world's foremost authority on gaming literature of all kinds. Be sure to check their website.



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Howard Schwartz


Publisher’s note: My father, J.R. Miller, is widely regarded as one of the world’s most renown sports betting figures and authors. His lasting mark on the sports betting industry is not questioned. Dad was adamant about acknowledging the many Las Vegas sports betting legends who helped, mentored and ultimately befriended him. Dad spoke and wrote about many influences, humbly giving many of them credit for his success altogether. On this list includes such greats as Bob McCune, Jack Painter, Lem Banker, Sonny Reizner and others. But nobody did he credit more than Howard Schwartz. In fact, I’d go so far as to say he credited Howard more than everyone else combined. The name Howard Schwartz was the equivalent of royalty in the Miller household. We moved to Vegas in 1982 so my father and uncle could pursue a living in professional sports gambling. It was a rough start. After years of research, the Millers were naturals. My uncle, R.J. Miller, was one of the best handicappers in the business. My dad was a trailblazer in money management. Dad was also an author at heart. Giving it everything he had, Dad fulfilled a dream by writing a book on NFL handicapping. Sadly, when Dad approached publishers, his book fell on deaf ears. Despite his confidence in his book, the rejection was demoralizing. I was in grade school and I remember the period well. One day everything changed. Howard Schwartz from Gambler’s Book Club called to say he thought my dad’s book was one of the best written. I saw a spark in my dad. I will never forget it. It was wonderful to see. Howard differed with some of the principles in the book but this did not change his opinion of it as an outstanding work. How Professional Gamblers Beat the Pro Football Pointspread by J.R. Miller is one of the best-selling and most critically-acclaimed football books of all time. One of the most recommended books by Gambler’s Book Club, it is also the only book of its kind recommended by the American Library Trustees’ Association as ‘core reading material.’ Howard Schwartz backing your book is all it takes to make it in Vegas, but for my Dad it was much more. It gave Dad the confidence he needed to rise to the top and become a legend in his own right. The book launched everything. In Dad’s final days, I was by his side every minute of every day. Dad reached the point of being too sick to take calls from friends and relatives. Having heard Dad was near the end, Howard called. I had a feeling Dad would take the call, so I began the process of waking and rousing him, hoping he would reach a level of consciousness to be able to have a conversation.  “Dad, it’s Howard Schwartz on the phone.” There was the spark again. I’ll never forget it.  It was wonderful to see.   – J.V. Miller

J.R. Miller & Howard Schwartz outside the original Gambler’s Book Club


Howard Schwartz, Edna Luckman & J.R. Miller




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