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In a nutshell:

"Gambling is not as destructive as war or as boring as pornography. It is not as immoral as business or as suicidal as watching television...And the percentages are better than religion."
- Mario Puzo



Parlays & Profit
If parlays are bad for bettors, why don't sportbooks promote



A very important thing to know 

Much like investing in stocks, you can't expect to make money every day at sports betting. Here's what you can expect.


Debunking the Kelly criterion  
If you think progressive betting schemes can win more than you deserve, buy a round-trip ticket in advance


How To Spot NFL 'Positive Universes'
R. J. Miller tells how to find winning NFL situations


A Crash Course In

...And it's NOT 4.55%


Winning Percentages


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Who the hell is J. R. Miller?


Great Gambling Stories

A Crash Course In Vigorish




Bob McCune on Baseball Betting
An important article by Bob McCune, adapted from his classic book, Revelations In Sports Betting!




Sports Betting Money Management 
R.J. Miller sheds light on the business of sports betting!


Test Your Sports
Betting IQ

Use these questions to check your "expert" friends


Key NFL Pointspreads
Some pointspreads are much more important than others




Successful Professional Gamblers
Famous pros talk about their lives & how they win!
























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“I am having problems seeing the Newsletter on my i-phone. Can you help?” – Donald B.

Hi Donald. We send the Newsletter every day in word and pdf format. Your i-phone will have no problem with the pdf (although it takes longer to download.)




“So J.V.….. when are you going to write a book about the infamous Las Vegas Miller crime family?” Alan M., Denver, CO

Lol. If I told you I’d have to kill you.




“Hey, I have been betting on NBA for a while now. I have tinkered with football and baseball. I want to jump all the way in and learn all about how to do NFL and MLB. Where would be the best place for me to start?  Thanks for your help.” – Clay”

Read lots of books by respected greats like Lem Banker, Jack Painter, Kevin O’Neill and Bob McMune. We sell Bob McCune’s books at our Order Page. "Play" at least 500 bets on paper - without using real money - and carefully record your results. Write down why you think you won a game and why you think you lost a game. Try to stay focused on the job at hand even during bad losing streaks, which you will have. Study and compare those two teams' stats and find what "counts" to make the difference. For example, in the NFL, Average Length of Punts means nothing to a handicapper. Total Rushing Yards is the most important stat, then Yards Per Completion is the 2nd-most important stat. That’s just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.




“Hey, J.V..  Every year about this time the cockroaches come out of the woodwork and I start getting calls from touts to sell me their picks.I just ask them why they don't post there picks like you do as soon as the games start (Track Us Here) That puts an end to every phone call. Some of them just hang up immediately, and two of them started cussing me!   LOL”     - W. G.”

There's no reason a sports service can't post their plays as soon as the games begin, like we do at our Track Us page.....Unless, of course, those guys know something about their picks the rest of us don't know. –J.V.




To J.V. Miller: Your ‘service’ is a disservice and your claim that one can make a living gambling makes you nothing more than a liar. I’ve seen gambling addiction ruin good men. Anyone stupid enough to believe they can profit from watching football games deserves to lose everything. “If it’s too good to be true – it probably is.”  Why don’t you put that on your track me page. Shame on you. - Monte F.

Monte, I agree that one cannot make a living gambling. I hope you can understand that sports betting is not gambling. Handicapping is very similar to investing in the stock market.  It is a beatable proposition because when you bet on sports you're not going head-to-head against the ‘house.’ Make no mistake about it, you’ll never beat the house. Instead, when you bet on a pro sports event you are pitting your judgment against the opinion of the general betting public, and that’s the key factor. More precisely, you are pitting your judgment against your bookmaker's other customers. Consequently, if you can outwit public opinion more than 53 times out of 100 - (or, to be more specific, if you can outwit your bookmaker's other customers more than 53 times out of 100) - you figure to be a winner over the long haul. I respect your opinion – even as sassy as it is - but I must assert that I have the facts on my side…you don’t seem to have any.




“J.V., Thank you for being honest enough to post your daily results. That says multitudes about your integrity.    Sincerely,” Greg G.

You’re welcome. Thank you for the email.




“Dear J.V., There’s a lot of talk about shopping lines. Can you explain exactly what that is? How many casinos are you supposed to shop. I’ve only bet with 2. Some advice? Seems time consuming! “- Shane K.

Here’s a link that will help:

You can shop 14 at once. We are not affiliated in any way with this outfit. We accept no revenue from any source other than our subscribers. We do not participate in bettors’ losses.  Shopping lines is like shopping for anything else – you want to get the best deal…the lowest price…the most for your money. Like a mortgage, you want the best interest rate, best terms, and best closing costs right? It doesn’t have to be time consuming. Don’t be lazy! If you see a better deal at another casino – no matter how small the difference – take the time to log in and bet it – every time.  It adds up over time, significantly.  Don’t settle for even slightly more expensive lines just because it’s convenient or because you’re working on your ‘bonus bucks’ with that casino or for any other reason. This is a business.




“J.V., Atlanta 6  Mets 2. Come on, J.V., are you really human? I suspect you are actually an alien who only misses on occasion so as to not arouse suspicion. Perhaps you are also a time traveler, and you probably already know tomorrow's results. (You very likely commute to Area 51 north of your office every evening.) In any event, I am totally in awe. Have a great evening; you have earned it” J.B. Louisville, KY






“J.V., another of your routine miracles: betting against a more than 2-1 home favorite, the Mets, no less, against pathetic Atlanta, and WINNING!!! I realize that you are a statistical genius, but you go against fundamental mathematics all the time, AND GET AWAY WITH IT!!”  G.P.





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