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In a nutshell:
With sports betting you don't wait for weeks or months to know if your investment was successful. You get an answer in about three hours.


J.V. Miller is widely recognized as one of the world’s top sports handicappers.



 The New York Times

“The Millers are a small percentage who have made a career out of gambling…earning all of their income from gambling.”

Business, November 9, 1997

Article: EARNING IT. Life’s a Gamble. A Few People Make It a Profession

By Staff Writer Andrew Bluth


  “We sought out a few pointers from people who have made a living from sports betting…Mr. Miller likes to focus on four key numbers…”

January 29, 2012

Article: Enjoy the Game, Don’t Lose the Bet

By Staff Writer Matthew Futterman


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The link between professional gamblers and part-time sports bettors.

Professional gamblers do not consider themselves gamblers, but, rather investors. Successful sports bettors appear to be pretty much like anyone else. Most are married, have children, a mortgage, a car loan, a lawn mower, and all the other accouterments of 'normal' people. The difference is, they absolutely love what they do for a living. Although they generally put in a lot of hours, they are their own boss. They can pick their own hours and their own work environment

As a successful sports bettor, you have no time clock, no boss, no 'customers', no daily commute battling traffic - none of the hassles of most everyone else you know. You can work from home and 'home' can be anywhere you choose. You can work from Mexico City, or New York, or Moosebreath, North Dakota - or anywhere between. You can spend the day in swimming trunks or tuxedoes or in nothing at all, and you have plenty of time for your favorite hobbies or other pursuits.


Sports betting as a business

Sports betting is like investing in the stock market, only in very fast motion. Sports betting has many of the characteristics of investing in commodities or stocks, but without the disadvantages, like insider trading, Martha Stewart-style scandals, over-priced broker fees and a general feeling of not being in control of your own destiny. In the stock market, you're pitting your expertise against world-class experts and corporate insiders who get most news a long time before you do. On the other hand, with this weekend's sports games, you're pitting your expertise against the average sports bettor. It is self-evident who is easier to outthink, the full-time stock market player or the average sports bettor.

The average sports bettor is amazingly uninformed and does very little actual research. He bets from intuition and emotion.

When you consider you figure to win 50% of your plays by simply flipping a coin, can it really be all that tough to win more than 53 percent?

No real pro expects easy profit or 70% winners. Yes, I'm afraid it's a lot tougher than it looks, and combined with the hazards of faulty money management, sports betting is a very slippery slope. The far majority of sports bettors do not make sports betting their sole vocation. Another big difference between sports betting and gambling on stocks or commodities is, of course, that in sports betting you have no chance of making or losing 5%-10%-20% of whatever you risk on a particular "stock." You figure to either lose 100% of your investment in that "stock" or make 91% on your investment...and, of course, with sports betting you don't wait for weeks or months to know if your investment was successful -you get an answer in about three hours. Consequently, you can turn your total bankroll much more quickly, and your investment remains more liquid. Typically, a full-time professional sports bettor can have up to 1,500 opinions per year and an "edge" (an expectation of winning) of between 54% and 58% of those bets wherein he must risk 11 to win ten.

With a cover rate 55%, 1,500 plays are 825 winners and 675 losers. If bet size is 1% of the beginning bankroll, gross profit is 100% of his original investment every year. Risking 2% of the original bankroll earns 200% profit per year. Increasing bet size incrementally on a 25% plateau system (see our article Sports Betting Money Management), significantly more is earned. Compare to investing in stocks or bonds, which pales by comparison.

All it takes is 52.39% covers and to properly manage your bankroll.

I don't mean to make sports betting sound like an easy way to get rich, and I want to make it clear that the vast majority of people reading this sentence should NOT consider sports betting (or serious gambling in any fashion) as a serious avocation. There seems to be a million ways to fail. For one thing, probably the most important of all things, you should be as objective as possible when considering your own psychological qualifications. Sports betting should be addressed as a business; not as some sort of amusement park thrill ride. Be sure to read the articles on this website concerning money management and the differences between genuine pros and the phonies that stalk the Internet.

Sports betting should be addressed as a business; not as some sort of amusement park thrill ride.

That's what this web site and material are all about. Make sure you visit our home page for a treasure trove of free information. Take a look at our Order Page. The 'how-to' materials available are by the most respected sports handicappers in the business. What you can learn from these men can be every bit as valuable as the best college education.

We cater to serious sports bettors looking to make a profit. For successful part-timers and fantasy sports customers wanting to move up, we can help you earn while you learn.

We publish Professional Gambler Newsletter, a staple for every serious sports bettor. You get our picks, analysis, how-to articles and more. Use our picks as is or compare them to your own forecasts.

We do not participate in bettors’ losses.

You’ll notice we allow no advertising, we accept no revenue from sportsbooks, and we do not sell your personal information. We are the world’s first sports handicapping website, launched in 1997. PGN is a must-have and pays for itself in one day. This website is always free and lightning fast. Feel free to browse our articles. We welcome your questions and comments at 

Good luck!