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Why You Should Bet on Sports

Sports betting is a beatable proposition!



Handicapping... Begin with common sense

Biorhythms, astrology, numerology and what happened years ago, my butt.




Top 10 Ways to Lose Against Sports

A tongue-in-cheek guide for all those sports bettors who can't stand having money in their pocket


Why I Succeed At Sports Betting and So Can You Article by R.J. Miller


Test Your Sports Betting I.Q.
Less than 1 in 50 sports bettors will pass this test


Winning Percentages
For a pro sports bettor, 60% winners over the long haul is actually too high.....Here's why.


A Crash Course In Vigorish
Think the vig on '11-10' bets is 4.55%? Think again.


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J.V. Miller

Sports betting is a Miller family affair.



If you’ve got what it takes to play, we’ve got the weapons to help you win.


We’re the oldest and largest sports service in the world. 6 out of 10 pro bettors utilize our Professional Gambler Newsletter.  We’re a staple if you’re a serious bettor. Use our picks ‘as is’ or compare them to your own forecasts.

As a successful sports bettor, you have no time clock, no boss, no employees, no 'customers', no daily commute battling traffic, - none of the hassles of most everyone else you know. You can work from home and 'home' can be anywhere you choose. You can work from Mexico City, or New York, or Moosebreath, North Dakota. Or anywhere in between. You can spend the day in swimming trunks or tuxedoes or in nothing at all, and you have plenty of time for your favorite hobbies or other pursuits.

My parents had homes in both Las Vegas and Tennessee. I grew up among "wise-guys" and "good ol' boys." I enjoy the glitter of nature in the rolling Tennessee hills, and I enjoy Glitter Gulch downtown Vegas. What I like most about my chosen occupation is it gives me autonomy. Every day is my own to do with as I please.


“My parents had homes in both Las Vegas and Tennessee. I grew up among “wise-guys” and “good ol’ boys”


Today's professional-level sports bettors are not what most people believe them to be. Successful sports bettors appear to be pretty much like anyone else. Most are married, have children, a mortgage, a car loan, a lawn mower, and all the other accouterments of 'normal' people. The difference is, they absolutely love what they do for a living. Although they generally put in a lot of hours, they are their own boss.

...And all it takes is to call at least 54% winners against Pointspread, moneylines and totals; and of course, to properly manage your bankroll.

That's what this web site and this material is all about. Take a look at the Order Page. The 'how-to' materials available there are by the most respected sports handicappers in the business. What you can learn from these men can be every bit as valuable as the best college education.


“Sports betting should be addressed as a business; not as some sort of amusement park thrill ride.”


I don't mean to make sports betting sound like an easy way to get rich, and I want to make it clear that the vast majority of people reading this sentence should NOT consider sports betting (or serious gambling in any fashion) as a serious avocation. There seems to be a million ways to fail. For one thing, probably the most important of all things, you should be as objective as possible when considering your own psychological qualifications.

Sports betting should be addressed as a business; not as some sort of amusement park thrill ride. Be sure to read the articles on this website concerning money management and the differences between genuine pros and all the wanna-be's that stalk the Internet. Nevertheless, if you've got what it takes, it's gotta be the best profession in the world.

J.V. Miller






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