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In a nutshell:
With sports betting you don't wait for weeks or months to know if your investment was successful. You get an answer in about three hours.


J.V. Miller is widely recognized as one of the world’s top sports handicappers.



 The New York Times

“The Millers are a small percentage who have made a career out of gambling…earning all of their income from gambling.”

Business, November 9, 1997

Article: EARNING IT. Life’s a Gamble. A Few People Make It a Profession

By Staff Writer Andrew Bluth


  “We sought out a few pointers from people who have made a living from sports betting…Mr. Miller likes to focus on four key numbers…”

January 29, 2012

Article: Enjoy the Game, Don’t Lose the Bet

By Staff Writer Matthew Futterman


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Chapter 1
Pointspreads, Vigorish & Bookmakers

Chapter 2
How To Pencil-In A Prediction

Chapter 3
How To Spot Motivations

Chapter 4
How To Account For Injuries & Absences

Chapter 5 
Winning Percentages

Chapter 6 
How To  Recognize Key


Chapter 7 
How To Beat Over/Unders

Chapter 8 
All About Money Management

Chapter 9 
How To Profit From Parlay Bets

Chapter 10 
How To Deal With AbstractualFactors

Chapter 11 
How To Beat Exhibition Season

Chapter 12 
Sucker Plays





> What you must know about pointspreads

> Why you can win

> Over/Under lines

> What you must know about vigorish

> How lines are set

> Using mathematical formulas

> How to establish power ratings

> How to use power ratings to predict scores

> How to spot team character

> How to account for distractions

> How to spot must-win situations

> How to profit from runaway division leaders

> How to profit from revenge situations

> How to profit from 'sandwich' games

> How to profit from special games

> How to profit from road trips

> How to profit from interviews

> How to profit from emotion & character

> A post-season no-think profit

> The Gambler's Fallacy

> Sports as an investment

> How to profit from pointspread movements

> Scoring frequencies

> A no-think over-under system

> Parlays & money management

> How to beat preseason games

> Pools

> Straddle bets

> Teaser bets

> Futures bets

A Step-By-Step Textbook Guide 

The ONLY book of it's kind recommended to libraries as CORE READING MATERIAL by Jack Short, past president American Library Trustee Association, appointed by the U.S. Senate to plan the White House Conference on Library and Information Services. Whether you're a pro or a new beginner, this work is GUARANTEED to enhance your bottom line or your money back!

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"I got your book...Instead of charging $24.95 you should give it away and charge a percentage of what people win. You could retire in a year.....Thank you for all your work..."  - F. Barker, Las Vegas Nevada


by J. R. Miller
isbn 0-9746168-0-X
Published by Flying M Group
P. O. Box 68
Readyville TN  37149
Paperback, 6"x9", crammed with illustrations,  easy-to-read graphs & charts, 211+ pages, 12 chapters. Sent UPS, packaged for privacy. GUARANTEED! You must agree this book will  make or save you money or return within 30 days for a full refund.  

$24.95 +$8.00 shipping & hndling  

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